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Jobs done 2010

  1. Manager incentive 
    with cooking show in Varese near Milan, Italy 
  2. Congress catering for GlaxoSmithKline 
    Berlin, Mannheim, Hannover, Wiesbaden, Nuremberg, Munich, Hamburg & Potsdam 
  3. Trade fair catering 
    Krono group, "Dach & Wand" Exhibition in Cologne
  4. Rental service does cooking event
    in Rottweil, Black Forest
  5. Booth catering for Vollmer,
    "Grindtec" Exhibition in Augsburg
  6. Showroom illumination
    for funfair entertainer's soccer championship in Augsburg
  7. Eventware supplier
    for textiles industry museum opening in Augsburg
  8. H & M Lifestyle AG 
    cooking event in the BMW pavilion in Munich
  9. BMW spring events
    7 branches throughout Bavaria
  10. Audi A8 & A1 presentation,
  11. Messecatering
    Vollmer, Grindtec - Augsburg

What's new at all-event rental service

Front cooking elements with extraction system and induction material

LED coktail bars, light cubes, luminous columns, and lighted cocktail tables. All with wireless remote control

even more exclusive lounge furniture in black and white.

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